Medusa Clothing


Tobo Isiorho, Alex Okome, Will Omigie, Mubarak Odunsi


June 10, 2012



Price Range

3k - 7k (currently)

brought to you by Tobo Isiorho, Alex Okome,Mubarak Odunsi, Will Omigie.

Contact Details:

  • Tobo Isiorho: @Tobo_I, PIN : 22710309
  • Alex Okome:@AlexOkome_ PIN: 295768DE
  • Mubarak Odunsi: @IamOdunsi
  • Will Omigie: @WillOmigie
  • - Official E-mail Address

You can order at: Facebook -

If you think you got what it takes to model for Medusa Email us and we'll get back to you ASAP

Medusa f

Aztec Tee N4,500

Medusa g

House Of Ladosha N5,000

Medusa a

Medusa Swag N3,000

Medusa c

Rage Mode N4,500

Medusa b

Lack Design N6,500

Medusa d

Lady Medusa N4,000

Medusa k

Medusa Celebrity Shirt N4,500

Medusa e

Triangle Swag N4,500

We don't swav..

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--->Female Medusa Crop Tops Coming Soon!!!!!<---

Please Comment about Medusa and put your name by your comment so we can improve and give you the best.

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